Fantastic fountain pen


Have you used fountain pen ?

I love fountain pen. Pen touch is good. (Especially, I like broad and music nib.)

Many people think “fountain pen is very expensive.”.

Yes, there are various expensive fountain pen.

Some of them are art rather than writing tool. (Beautiful “Maki-e” etc.)

“Preppy” is breaking its image. Very reasonable, but excellent fountain pen !


“Preppy” is popular fountain pen in Japan.

Platinum, traditional writing tool maker manufacture this pen.

I think this pen is best as first step to wonderful fountain pen world.

First, popular three nib size are lined up. (Extra fine, Fine and Medium)

Second, the nib is tough to dry. (Dry is enemy of fountain pen.)

Excellent “Slip and Seal structure” is atatched.

Thes structure is same as “#3776”, Platinum standard line model.


And price is very conscientious. About 3 USD.

The body is very colorful, but there are also transparent one. Very popular.


Of course, we handle this pen ;

If you are interested, please feel free to contact to us.

Next, I would like to introduce funny ink.







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